Hosting on camera


Since December 2016 I am one of the hosts of the TV-Program «Spotlight» that is broadcasted on Switzerland largest regional TV-Channel «TELE Züri» every Saturday at 7.50pm / 9.50pm / 11.50pm.

One City, one balcony, one artist/band and one interview - everything shot in one take. That's BalconyTV! Tanya has been the host of BalconyTV Zurich since it's beginning in summer 2015 until end of 2016. Language: English.

Tanya has conducted the ZFF Daily Talk interviews for the Youtube Channel of «Zurich Film Festival» 2016. She talked to directors and producers such as Marcel Hoehn («Die Schweizermacher»), Lucia Carreras («Tamara and the Ladybug») or Rolando Colla («Sette Giorni»). Language: German / English.

In 2013/2014 she was the Online-Reporter of «The Voice of Switzerland» season 2 and interviewed the coaches and artists such as Anastacia, Samu Haber, James Arthur and Bastian Baker. She has visited the talents at home and reported from behind-the-scenes of the TV-show.