Current work

Here are some examples of my current work at CNNMoney Switzerland


ai weiwei says he'll never be a free man

As Chinese artist Ai Weiwei releases his first feature length documentary, he reveals how his own background helped him tap into the global refugee crisis. «Human Flow» exposes the realities of the largest exodus of people since the second world war. Tanya König met him to discuss the crisis and found out why Switzerland will always be so dear to him.


A women in a man's world

When men gathered at the «Man's World» fair, CNNMoney Switzerland's reporter Tanya König attempted to find out what it was all about. (9 March 2018)


interview with the sartorialist

Scott Schuman is one of the world’s best known Street Style photographers with 1 Million followers on Instagram. He started his blog "The Sartorialist" in 2005 and has published several photo books. Tanya König gets a snap shot of what makes him so successful.


this is all about upcycled waste

The Swiss-German artist Dieter Roth was known for his rotten food art, big installations and his famous Roth bar. The artist himself died in 1998. But his son and curator Björn Roth continues his legacy as Tanya König now reports.


gastro-tip: ooki izakaya zurich

Want to warm things up? What about slurping a yummy Japanese ramen soup in Zurich? Tanya König and Eléonore Payró take you to one Ooki Izakaya for some noodle delights and insights.


How to shoot a mobile film

Have you ever wanted to use your phone as a professional video camera? Tanya König sat down with Swiss film director Sandeep Abraham to find out what it takes to produce a proper mobile film during the last Zurich Film Festival. 


setting a goal before becoming a mother

Regula Bührer Fecker was the youngest woman ever to be named Swiss advertiser of the year. She now shares her working experience in her first book called #Frauenarbeit. 


the tie is not a must

To wear or not to wear a tie? That is the question. While some of the bigger banks maintain strict dress codes, smaller banks are loosening up their tie policy. What is the rule now when even CEO's such as Nestlé's Mark Schneider dismiss the tie? Tanya König finds out.


the first female coding week in switzerland

The first person to write coding for a computer was a British mathematician and a woman: Ada Lovelace. Nowadays, the IT-world is dominated by men. Melanie Kovacs, founder of the Swiss Coding Academy Master21, wanted to do something about it. Last year she organized the first female coding week in Switzerland. Tanya König attended the very first day of the course.


interview with srf director ruedi matter

Swiss voters have spoken decisively in favor of paying for public radio and television. What does the defeat of the "No Billag" initiative mean for Swiss Radio and Television? Tanya König went there to find out. (6 March 2018)