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The Art of selling at auction

Alberto Giacometti’s “Lampe coupe aux deux figures” was the highest-selling piece last week at the Swiss Art Sale at Christie’s in Zurich. Tanya König followed that artwork until it sold and found out what goes into selling art at auction.


Package about microgreen start-up Umami

These vegetables may be small, but they have a big impact. Tanya König takes a closer look at Umami, a Swiss start-up that grows microgreens in a sustainable way.

Camera: Sebastien Chastellain, Editing: Tanya König


interview with hans ulrich obrist

He’s the artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries in London and one of the most influential people in the art world. Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist tells Tanya König how he’s fighting against forgetting by continuing his research of female artists. He also stresses the importance of keeping art institutions—like the newly-opened Shed in New York City, where he’s an adviser—accessible to everyone.


Is the art world really becoming more female-friendly?

Female artists have long been underrepresented at institutions, galleries, and history books. Tanya König visited Art Basel and spoke to dealers, collectors, artists, and curators to find out whether the focus is shifting when it comes to female representation.


interview with arteïa

Arteïa is a blockchain player in the art market backed by the Taittinger family, best known as Champagne producers. The company wants to bring greater transparency and liquidity to the art market and is working on a database to track the provenance of artworks. Co-founder Olivier Marian tells Tanya König why they chose Zug as a base and about their upcoming ICO later this summer.


interview w/ burton ceo donna carpenter

Burton is the largest snowboard brand in the world. It is privately owned by founder Jake Carpenter and his wife Donna Carpenter, who is at the helm of the company. She tells us about Burton’s approach to staying financially independent and closing the gender gap.


interview with start-up New Roots

The vegan cheese market has a lot of potential, says Alice Fauconnet, co-founder of New Roots, a food start-up in Switzerland that is looking to expand throughout Europe. She and her partner Freddy Hunziker believed in the idea of vegan cheese and now it’s paying off. Meet the company that won the Swiss Economic Award 2019 in the category Production / Industry.


interview with fabien jordan of Astrocast

Astrocast’s first satellite was launched from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and now the Swiss start-up is developing a nanosatellite network for the Internet of Things. The EPFL spin-off has been nominated for a Swiss Economic Award 2019, and its founder Fabien Jordan tells Tanya König about the worldwide potential of its low-cost technology.


Why Switzerland needs to remain business-friendly

McKinsey and Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce released a wake-up call for Switzerland. We tell you why the popular vote on May 19 is going to be crucial for doing business in Switzerland.


interview with powercoders

Powercoders is a Swiss coding academy that has successfully trained refugees for free and helped them integrate into the IT job market. Companies like Swiss Post, Swiss Life, and Swisscom support the initiative, and the nonprofit organization is now expanding abroad. Founder Christian Hirsig and project manager Hussam Allaham tell us more.


Which eggs to put in your basket

Don’t put all the eggs in your basket. We tell you why—and reveal which ones should go in!


switzerland: a new wedding destination

Switzerland is aiming to become the next go-to wedding destination. We talked to The Wildest Dreams, which organized the nuptials of Singapore-based designer Jessicacindy, to find out why their clients opted for Switzerland. We also asked Tomas Pedroni, marketing manager at luxury hotel Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad, why weddings are good for business. And a Follow-up story with Switzerland Tourism can be found here.


interview with daniel hug of art cologne

Art Cologne is taking place next week. The fair’s director, Daniel Hug, tells us more about their business model and why he’s putting the spotlight on young galleries this year.


the big burger business

Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio are switching to plant-based-meat – at least when it comes to their investments. The Beyond burger is now available in Switzerland at Helvti Diner.

Story & video editing: Tanya König

Camera: Sebastien Chastellain


Polish billionaire grazyna kulczyk

Grazyna Kulczyk made billions with real estate projects and other investments. Now she has opened a museum in Susch, which is the biggest art project in the Engadin Valley in recent years. She tells Tanya König why she chose this small town of just 200 inhabitants for her ambitious project.

Story & video editing: Tanya König, Camera: Roberto Cancellara


interview with Orell Füssli CEO

Orell Füssli is celebrating 500 years of business. Its most profitable division? It’s not the obvious—selling books—but security printing. CEO Martin Buyle tells us what we can expect for the new 1,000 Swiss franc note and why he doesn’t believe cash, or books, will disappear anytime soon.


Why African-American artists are becoming art market superstars

Six out of ten auction records last year were set by African-American artists. Their star is also rising in Switzerland: Major galleries are showing art by African-American artists this month. We look at why they are increasingly in the spotlight.


the swiss who conquered hollywood

Simon Otto had a contract at DreamWorks before he graduated from Gobelins over 20 years ago. He worked his way up from animator to head of character animation in “How to Train Your Dragon.” The latest in that threequel is now set for release and is again expected to gross in the hundreds of millions.


swiss art hub Engadin valley

The Engadin Valley is known to be the home or inspiration of artists such as Alberto Giacometti and Giovani Segantini. Now it’s attracting more and more galleries and museums. Reporter Tanya König went to the alpine region to find out why. 


interview with art dealer iwan wirth

Hauser & Wirth just opened a new space in St. Moritz, it’s ninth location worldwide. Iwan Wirth, the co-owner of the mega-gallery, tells Tanya König that their ambition is to extend the season in Engadin and add to the cultural discussion in the Alpine region.


why firms like swisscom are training mental health first-aiders

A mental health first-aid course developed in Australia is coming to Switzerland. Pro Mente Sana is focusing on the workplace before rolling it out to the public in spring 2019. We had exclusive access as staff from firms such as Swisscom attended the first-ever “ensa” training in Zurich.


interview with harper reed

Harper Reed was Barack Obama’s Chief Technology Officer and he tells us how he hopes they made history and why he thinks people working in tech should take an ethics course, too.


interview with jet aviation president

In a rare interview, Robert Smith, president of Jet Aviation Group, explains why the company has invested around CHF 20 million in Basel to build a new hangar big enough to fit two Boeing 777s. Tanya König also takes you behind the scenes of a business that caters to the world’s rich and famous.

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interview with art dealer eva presenhuber

Eva Presenhuber is one of most influential art dealers in the world. She owns galleries in both Zurich and New York and has also been in the selection committee of Art Basel. She tells us what it takes to make it into the prestigious fair and how to stay relevant in the ever-changing art market.


interview with tennis prodigy chelsea fontenel

The 14-year-old tennis star Chelsea Fontenel is supported by the Roger Federer Foundation and is ranked number one in her age-group in Switzerland. She’s also a singer and is hoping to be successful in both highly competitive industries.


interview with bastian baker

Did you know that Swiss singer-songwriter Bastian Baker is also into real estate and tech start-ups? The 27-year-old from Lausanne who was discovered by the legendary Claude Nobs takes a break from his world tour with Shania Twain and talks to Tanya König about how he invests his money.

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package on start-up felfel

Felfel is a rising Swiss start-up that saves office workers from mediocre lunches. Tanya König spoke to the co-founders to find out their recipe for success.

Filmed & edited by Tanya.


switzerland’s entrepreneurs of the year 2018

The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards have been handed out. Reporter Tanya König was there.


interview with director michael steiner

Collaboration is key, says Michael Steiner, one of Switzerland’s best-known filmmakers. But with the release of his latest, “Wolkenbruch,” the director of “Grounding” tells us that past success doesn’t help secure state funding for future films, something that’s crucial in a small market.


thomas meyer: we’re obsessed with becoming rich

Thomas Meyer, the best-selling Swiss author of Wolkenbruch, thinks many of us are overly-obsessed with becoming rich. Tanya König gets his take on money and society, liberalism, and travel.


viggo mortensen opening zff 2018

The Zurich Film Festival is underway, with Hollywood stars such as Viggo Mortensen hitting the green carpet. Swiss leaders from business and politics were also out in force for the launch event, as Tanya König finds out.


break dancing as a day job

Bboy Lilou has been break dancing for over 20 years and is considered one of the best in the world. He has performed with Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 and won the Red Bull BC One competition three times. He tells Tanya König how break dancing became his actual day job and what it takes to make a living out of it.


at yuma, sharing is caring

Sharing is caring, especially when eating at Yuma Zurich. Tanya König and Eléonore Payro take you on a food tour!


interview with fashion designer julia seeman

Up-and-coming Swiss fashion designer Julia Seemann has made clothes worn by celebrities such as Rihanna. You’d think, in other words, that she’s arrived, but as she tells Tanya König, she still can’t quite make a living at it. Nonetheless, her passion keeps her going, and she continues to work toward turning that kind of visibility into sales.


interview with ziggy marley

Bob Marley’s eldest son Ziggy Marley is continuing his father’s legacy by singing about fake leaders and humanity on his latest album “Rebellion Rises.” He tells Tanya König what makes a good leader, what motivated him to name an EP after Spotify, and why tapping into other businesses such as writing a cookbook or having an emoji app helps him reach more people.


interview with artist & entrepreneur dieter meier

He is one of Zurich’s originals and has shaped the city with his activism and art. Dieter Meier, best known for being part of the electro-pop duo Yello, is also a successful entrepreneur producing his own organic meat and wine in Argentina. As he told reporter Tanya König, he has big plans for revolutionizing the chocolate market too and is currently in talks with Starbucks, Unilever and Barry Callebaut.


interview with fondation beyeler’s sam keller

A new building and a bigger park are at the core of the expansion plans for the Fondation Beyeler, the most visited museum in Switzerland. Its director Sam Keller tells CNNMoney Switzerland half of the CHF 100 million is secured. He hopes he will close the gap by the time they receive the construction permit.


interview with the director of les trois rois

Les Trois Rois is one of Europe’s most historic city hotels, where Napoleon and artists such as Pablo Picasso and Niki de Saint Phalle stayed. Like every hotel in Basel it profits a lot from the many fairs in the city. With the Swatch Group pulling out of Baselworld, the new director of Les Trois Rois, Tanja Wegmann, says there are ways to compensate the loss of revenue.


interview with läckerli huus ceo miriam baumann-blocher

Läckerli cookies are part of Basel's identity. Miriam Baumann-Blocher is the owner and CEO of the cookie manufacturer Läckerli Huus, which is based in the canton of Basel-Land. She tells Tanya König why she believes in the Swiss market and reveals what she learned from her father, Switzerland's most famous politician Christoph Blocher.


Where to spend your francs at the street parade

The Street Parade in Zurich is the world’s biggest techno-party. Over 1 million people danced around Lake Zurich to celebrate this year’s motto, “Culture of Tolerance.” If you want to take your partying to the next level, you’ll need to be prepared to shell out.


Street Food Fesitval Zurich

The Street Food Festival in Zurich is going on now and features the best the world has to offer. It started back in 2014 and was the first of its kind in Switzerland. Tanya König samples the tasty treats.


the most expensive hot dog in the world

The most expensive hot dog in the world is sold by Happy Souls in Switzerland. Tanya König met the women behind it and found out why it's so pricey. Filmed and edited by Tanya.


interview with botswana’s youngest minister

Bogolo Joy Kenewendo is the youngest minister of Botswana and the youngest female member of parliament in the country’s history. After three weeks on the job as the minister of investment, trade and industry, she speaks to CNNMoney Switzerland's Tanya König about the challenges she faces as a 31-year-old female minister and how she makes sure to get it right.


how zurich is putting itself back on the art map

With the world’s biggest art fair set to kick off soon in Basel, museums and institutions in Zurich are doing their part to attract a share of the visitors in the days ahead. We took a look at what the Zurich art scene is doing to lure in connoisseurs and collectors during Art Basel. Filmed and edited by Tanya.


interview with fashion designer yvonne reichmuth

Her leather clothing label YVY can be found in the wardrobes of Hollywood stars and influencers, such as Kylie Jenner, Eva Longoria, Katy Perry, and Monica Bellucci. Success seems to follow 31-year-old Yvonne Reichmuth. Tanya König sat down with the Swiss fashion designer.


interview with actor simon baker

Australian actor Simon Baker, known for his role in the series "The Mentalist", has made his directorial debut with the film "Breath." Tanya König met the actor and director during the Zurich Film Festival and asked him about stepping out as a director and being a brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Longines.


interview with chinese artist ai weiwei

As Chinese artist Ai Weiwei premiered his first feature length documentary Human Flow, he reveals how his own background helped him tap into the global refugee crisis. Tanya König met Ai Weiwei to discuss the crisis and found out why Switzerland will always be so dear to him.