The art of selling at auction

Between sleep and being awake is when I have my most creative ideas. It can be right in the morning or when I’m about to fall asleep. That’s also how the title to my latest TV-report came about.

The art of selling at auction. This is it. It’s summarizes my entire story.

Since mid September I’ve been working on a longer piece on how an auction comes together and what the final stages of art work are before it’s sold.

I got an exclusive insight access to the annual Swiss Art Sale by Christie’s, which took place on September 17 and spoke to many people involved in the process.

I picked one art work which I wanted to follow and it turned out it was the best sold item of the auction: A sculpture by Alberto Giacometti. I won’t reveal the price tag here as you can find out by watching my report:

It was written and edited by myself. Roberto Cancellara operated the main camera, while I filmed with a second camera during the auction. Deputy Editor Frédéric Lelièvre was my supervisor.

And I was also a live guest on CNNMoney Switzerland on September 27 to talk about my take-aways of the auction market with Hannah Wise. This was my first live on air appearance as guest on the channel.